Do I need an immigration lawyer for my case?

Most cases require an immigration lawyer, at least to review options and evaluate risks and likelihood of success. Every case can benefit from the experience of a qualified immigration lawyer, as the laws are complex and constantly changing. Qualified immigration lawyers know what information will be required to approve your case, whether affirmatively or defensively. Statistics show that cases with immigration lawyers have the best chance of success. Immigration “consultants” are not authorized to practice law, and frequently cause serious harm to their clients.


Why can’t I just fill out the forms myself?

Although there is no legal reason that you cannot draft immigration forms on your own, people often make mistakes that damage or delay their cases. For example, if you fail to disclose certain information, your case could be denied and you could be put into removal proceedings. Also, if you do not provide complete information or supporting evidence, your case could be seriously delayed.


How can an immigration lawyer help me?

An immigration lawyer can help advise you on your immigration options. To do so requires the lawyer to review your immigration, family, criminal, employment and educational history. Once the lawyer has educated you as to your options, you can make a decision about how you want to proceed. The lawyer can develop a plan and begin working with you to obtain and prepare the necessary documents/evidence in order to present the strongest case. As questions arise through the process, the lawyer can help advise you. An immigration lawyer cannot guarantee success, but should be able to guarantee that s/he will present the strongest case possible for you.


How much will my case cost?

Every immigration case is different. Some cases relatively simple, but others are very complex and unpredictable. Ask your lawyer to be as clear as possible about the likely cost of your case, and what you can do to help keep the fees in line with your budget. The lawyer should give you a contract that states what the lawyer will do for you and how they will charge you for their services. You should receive monthly statements showing the work on your case, and the charges incurred.


Where can I find general information about immigration law?




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